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Under Stairs Storage

Chester Joinery understand the importance of utilising unused space within your home especially as your family grows, which is why within the Chester area we are specialists at this! We can help create more practical storage within your home, which looks appealing at the same time. All storage solutions are bespoke crafted and designed to suit each individuals requirements. ​We offer many door styles for you to choose from, and if you prefer something other than handles,  we offer push to open doors and inserts! 

We can install a frame and doors only to give a tidy look in your hallway, or alternatively the inside can also have cupboards and shelving space designed to maximise the storage space. Pull out drawers make an ideal solution if the area under the stairs is not that large.  We relish turning your visions into reality and invite you to be as creative as you can! Other options to consider include turning the space into a small study area, a wine cellar, a cosy snug  area, a small library, a child's play den or an area for your pets! 

** Under stairs Storage FAQ **

We often get asked how much under stairs storage is, or how much a certain job was when sharing photos of our work on social media.

We are unable to provided rough ideas of prices as each design we craft is custom bespoke made and installed to each clients requirements. . Prices will vary depending on if the space is already opened up or if any demolition needs to take place, the size of the area including depth, if it's just a frame or doors you require or if any pull out drawers are wanted, do you want soft close features, and also door styles and material choices. This is why we offer free consultations.

We have been asked many times "We've had handymen or people saying they are joiners come round to quote for under stairs storage, but then say they cannot do the job as its to complex for them, are you sure you are able to do it?"

Of course we can! Unlike handymen, Jason has over 28 years knowledge and experience as a qualified professional joiner and has crafted many under stairs storage solution's for our clients. Jason is known for his attention to detail and perfectionism and under stairs storage is one of Jason's specialities! Our Facebook page has lots of images of our under stairs storage, especially in the post pinned to the top of the page! We always advise people to look at images of organisations work so that they can feel confident the organisation has the capability and skill to carry out the work. 

"I have a brick wall, are you able to knock through?"

I am afraid we are not able to undertake any building work that involves knocking through bricks. We can only open the space up if it is a stud wall. You would need to have a building company open up the space first.

"How is your under stairs storage, different to some of the nationwide companies that offer a similar product?"

In comparison to larger nationwide organisations who specialise in just under stairs storage and who provide quotations without visiting the property, ours are completely custom bespoke crafted by a professional joiner.  This means that ours are custom made to each clients requirements and designed to fully maximise the space without the unnecessary use of fillers that we see other organisations use.  We offer a free design and consultation service so that we can personally see the area first and discuss your requirements. Other organisations mass produce doors and drawers to certain sizes, then when installing they then have to use lots of fillers and the drawers may have gaps in-between which is not fully maximising the space under the stairs and does not give as good a finish. This is why they are able to let you order online without fully inspecting the area in person first and why their prices are usually cheaper! As a company that crafts each custom made design, we can confirm our under stairs are more hard wearing, and sturdy as we use thicker materials - 18mm instead of 12mm, use high quality fixtures and fittings, and our doors are wrapped in vinyl and not just primed therefore lasting a long time! 

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